1. Bishop1

    Music BMI Music recording artist for dope producers and vocalist to collaborate with.

    Hi everyone I'm an singer/song-writer who records and produces music. I'm looking for artist or producers who want to grow in the real music industry. Lets put a project together and grow. thats how connections are made.
  2. B

    Music Looking for singers or rappers to collab with

    I'm Bugsy06 and I'm an average high school producer. I'm looking for singers or rappers to collab with. maybe you could sing or rap over my instrumentals. if you are interested in collabing with me, email me at nateriver228@gmail.com
  3. Verny

    Music RnB, HIPHOP Artist interested in BEATS

    Are there any RnB Singers, Rappers or Reggae artists intersted in collaborations. As long as I get referenced and credited for the song I have no problem with the collab. Must have that ability to swag a song. Be creative and enjoy.
  4. kingmartinez1

    Music Looking to Collaborate Singers&Rappers

    looking to collab with any of you talented youtubers on one or more songs im really serious so please be ready to create(: if youre up for it please message me at. facebook /MrKingMartinez if you want to hear some of my music just search "King Martinez" in YouTube search
  5. ZipZap Music

    Music Want to be featured?

    Are there any rap artists on the forum that would like to be on our channel? Our goal is to help smaller artists gain more recognition by uploading their best songs on our channel. We work really hard to help artists build a bigger fan base.
  6. ZipZap Music

    Music Are there any rappers or singers on here?

    On our channel we are going to do all kinds of music/hip-hop type videos including interviews. I was wondering if there are any artists out there we could possibly get a hold of. It would help us both out:)
  7. JuS Savage


    Hi, I'm Justin but you can call me JuS Savage. I produce rap and comedy videos and I am an artist. I'm a teenager so I have a lot to learn but I think my flow is good despite my age. If you're another rapper we could make a rap together, you do one verse, I do another and we could combine it...
  8. sincere tk

    Music Looking 2 Do Side By Side Video Covers With Aspiring Singers

    Hey I Rap and Songwrite I Love to Do Freestyle over the Latest Beats and Tracks Looking For Some Ppl to Collab On Weekly Covers With In Side By Side Videos?