rainbow six funny moments

  1. S

    Gaming wanna collab with funny youtubers over 500 subs and over 15 years old.

    Hi guys I am sMj and I have almost 3K subs on my main YT channel which is all about Rainbow Six Siege compilation videos. I also created another YT channel and it has 50 subs now. I play games like Rainbow six siege, Apex Legends, Among Us, and other games of this type. ❌Since I live in IRAN I...
  2. Mad_Matt99

    Gaming Looking for other YouTubers who want to collab on PS4

    I've never done something like this before but after surfing through different channels through YouTube i figured that this would be the easiest way. I'm a 19 year old that attends college and also working at my part time job. YouTube is definitely something I want to expand upon, and I'm...
  3. jamsterkid

    Rainbow 6 Siege - Funny Moments: Part 2

    A couple people seemed to enjoy our last video, so here's part 2. Thanks to those that helped with the making of the video, providing footage, etc. And a huge thanks to those few that left comments on the last video letting me know they liked it!
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