rainbow 6 funny moments

  1. B


    The havoc, caused by the Aamerkats, in the r6 matches continue, and the content only continues to get darker and funnier along with it. I Hope you all enjoy <3
  2. J

    Gaming Looking for a group of youtubers to make offensive brain dead jokes with on Rainbow Six Siege

    I'm trying to find a group of youtubers to collab with. Must have an offensive sense of humor and not be afraid to make ****** up jokes. Must be 18 or older. We will be recording on pc. IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED AND DONT HAVE AN OFFENSIVE SENSE OF HUMOR THEN DO NOT JOIN THIS THREAD.
  3. Taboo

    Gaming funny moments collab

    hey I'm taboo I'd like to collab with some quality youtubers. (not often uploading but quality) I do gaming and I play about everything but fortnite and cod and stuff (I'm pc). My content isn't bassed on the gaming but more on the improv and just shooting the s**t. My favorite humor is dark...
  4. jamsterkid

    Rainbow 6 Siege - Funny Moments

    So I'm just getting back into things after being away from YouTube for a long while. I had an old channel and got to about 1500 subs, but I got inactive and stuff. I'm being more lenient with this, going for quality over quantity on videos. Let me know your opinion?
  5. Kxmier

    Gaming PS4 youtube collab

    I'm 15 yrs old I have a Ps4 and i'm looking to collaborate with people current subs - 52 current views - 514 Email- Matrixcentralxx@gmail.com Psn- Matrix_Central Games i have- Rainbow 6, Gtav, Bo3, The Division, BFH, and Minecraft (lol) Main Requirement - Must have above 50 Subs and decently...