questions and answers

  1. Mullisnax

    My First Video - Introduction style; need some questions to answer

    Good day from Japan! I am about to start up my channel and would like to make my first video an introduction type of video. I am planning to talk about myself like where I grew up and how I got to where I am now. I also wanna talk about my goals for my channel, but feel like with just that it...
  2. The Happy Gamer

    #MAKEAMERICAHAPPYAGAIN | Reading Your Comments #9

    Have no fear! Reading Your Comments #9 is here!
  3. LifeAsJenny

    Be on LifeAsJenny Q&A Video!

    I'm looking to do my first question and answer video! You can leave any question on here if not Facebook, and Twitter. I'll be screen capturing the questions and have them appear on the video with what ever social network you chose to use with the question. I'm looking forward to some awesome...
  4. McKnowItAll

    Doing a Q&A video! Need your questions!:)

    Alright soooo i would love to do a Q&A video butttt there's only one thing i don't have.... that's right i don't have any questions to answer hahah, So that's why i need you guys to ask me some questions! Any questions at all except any really personal questions!:) Thank youuu very much and Have...