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  1. M

    Making my first Q and A NEED QUESTIONS

    I will show the questions on the video. Little bit of info about my channel...I have Dogs,cats,alpacas,chickens and ducks and I make videos on Animal training,Fun Videos and Vlogs. You Can Ask Questions about the animals or any other questions you may have.. Thank you
  2. The Happy Gamer

    #MAKEAMERICAHAPPYAGAIN | Reading Your Comments #9

    Have no fear! Reading Your Comments #9 is here!
  3. MrWils

    Q and A questions needed!

    Please send me some questions on my tumblr! Tumblr: mrwilsyoutube.tumblr.com/ask Thanks in advance! ~MrWils
  4. Stoobs

    Vlog Dare Video Suggestions?

    Didn't know where to post this.. Uploaded a trailer for a dare video and need suggestions for dares Ideally posted in comments of video but can post here as well! Punish me! (Subscribe to see the video after)
  5. Abby Sloan

    Need questions for a Q&A (shoutouts to anyone who asks)

    Hi, I'm trying to do a Q&A so if you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments here or on my channel or my tumblr (casual-cacti.tumblr.com)! All people the people who ask questions on my tumblr or youtube will get shoutouts! Thanks so much! Abby
  6. DivideAndConquer

    How to be on Reading your Comments #2

    Hi all My name is Trevor and i am from Divide And Conquer my Gaming\Vloging and over all crazy funny channel. Boy that was a mouthful anyway i'm starting to do a reading your comments series on said channel and i would love to see your comments\ questions\ requests you may have for me! :) it can...
  7. Jessie Ditman


    Hi, I'm Jessie and I wanna create a (Q & A) video but I really don't have that many fans that would ask me questions so please comment any questions you have on me or my channel and it will be in my video! Thank you! :happy:
  8. LifeWithKristen

    Q&A - Please send me some questions :)

    I'm filming a Q&A that should go up soon & I would really like it if you guys could please send me some questions, can be about me or just some fun questions! My channel consists of Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle also!
  9. slayerkm

    100 subscribers Q and A!!!

    Hey guys, With the good news of hitting 100 subs on my vlogging channel i thought i would be original and do a Q n A. So guys ask me some questions below :):) Thanks a million!!!!!