q & a

  1. DuncanT


    Hey guys! So I've been working on YouTube every evening and weekend for the past 2.5 months. I love doing this, but even getting a little growth a day makes me happy. One like a day brightens up my day like nothing else can. But... I kinda hit a wall. I don't really know how to create some of...
  2. Red Thunder

    Q & A

    Hey guys, I've decided that I'm going to do a question and answer video, because I've wanted to do one for a while, so here I am asking for your questions which can be about literally anything, and I will give you all an honest answer for it in my video. Your questions will be credited with your...
  3. Jessie Ditman


    Hi, I'm Jessie and I wanna create a (Q & A) video but I really don't have that many fans that would ask me questions so please comment any questions you have on me or my channel and it will be in my video! Thank you! :happy:
  4. GooberVlogs

    HIT 100 Subscribers Q & A Video

    A few days ago I hit 100 subscribers and asked you all for some Q & A questions and here is my video of the questions some of you asked