pvp based games

  1. ChiVulpix

    Gaming Looking for a collab

    Hi! I'm a small gaming youtuber mostly focused on pokemon content and i'm looking for a collab. Maybe a duo nuzlocke, pokemon showdown battle or a pvp or raid in any game. I play pokemon (all of them), vampires fall:origins,perfect world and monster carnival (i could possibly start playing...
  2. Puck Mitchell

    Hey, an intermediate editor looking for eagle eyes!

    Alo elo peeps, second post. I'm doing well! So, I have been editing for a while with Sony Vegas Pro and would like anyone really to review the edits, let me know what you think! I play Dark Souls 3 so preferably a fan also! Don't hold back, honestly. Any harsh feedback will go over my head but...
  3. ItzVikas

    Gaming Minecraft PC Collaboration: MSG Me In Skype: vikas.reddy904

    Hey Guys! I would like to grow my channel by collaborating with you all. I am 13 years old and I enjoy playing pvp based games on minecraft pc. I make pvp montages on badlion and soon I will post different things on my channel! A few people call me a hacker (shows that im decent at the game)...