1. George Hudson

    MY PUPPY!!!

    Brand new video and it's all about my #Puppy! Would be great if you could check it out and let me know what you think!
  2. Jawad Soomro


    Mr Hadjoudj Mohamed requested me to play his mobile game, so I tried this game on PC. Damn it I had to use my mouse for multiple CLICKS. I just burst out my wireless mouse. The concept of the game is unique, the presentation is pretty nice. Only I wish that this game had some background music...
  3. Ballistic

    My dog plays Call Of Duty

  4. Bre

    Great Dane Puppy Q&A

    Hey Guys, so I recently brought home my new fur baby. Zoe is a 10 week old great dane puppy, I got her 3 weeks ago.I wanted to introduce her to my viewers on my channel but I feel like most pet tags are pretty basic. So I wanted to do it more Q&A style! If you have can come up with any question...
  5. J

    Pretentious, Spoiled, First World Puppy

    I made a new video on my channel called 'My First World Dog'. I would love to see what people think of it!
  6. Danny.K

    Increase the longevity of your dog with just a few simple steps

    Hey everyone. If you would like me to post of a Vlog on how to keep your dog specifically, but if you'd like for me include any animal you'd like me too let me know. The Vlog will cover from diet to health and simple steps what will increase your dogs life by 5years! I am an enormous animal...
  7. Munchito696

    First Video to be on TV: 3 Month Old Puppy Digging Like Crazy

    This was my second ever dog video and it made it onto an Animal Planet show called "The Year in Pup Culture" a couple years ago. Crazy how the simplest things can attract the attention of TV producers. They used this in a Mayan Apocalypse skit. I can't believe they chose a video with such...
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