publishing schedule

  1. Garage Science

    Quality over Quantity or Vice Versa?

    All, Definitely new here but been doing Youtube for a couple of years now. The whole time I've been making videos my work schedule has kept me busy enough that I maybe get one video out a month. I spend a fair amount of effort planning my videos to try and maximize the quality of the video...
  2. Paranoia_Origins

    Any Advice on Scheduling for Publishing Content?

    I wanted and tried to get feed back on scheduling a video for publishing ahead of time as to just uploading and publishing immediately. Does it effect its performance in any way? if so how? please be as informative a you guys can please. I'm central standard time so if you guys need that to...
  3. Omeo

    An Inconsistent Schedule

    Hey, everyone. Does anyone know if it's bad to have an inconsistent publishing schedule, as long as we're posting at least once a week? For example, if I post one video this week, three videos next week, two videos the week after that, one video the week after that, two videos the week after...