public prank

  1. Jack Swish

    Public Prank- 100 layers of Duct Tape & Cling Film

    Will the public get me out of the cling film & duct tape challenge? See the 100 layers of plastic wrap & 100 layers of duct tape public prank. Please let me know what you think :)
  2. R

    Comedy Public Pranking Around UK Birmingham / Coventry

    Hey I'm Rhys a YouTuber with over 8000 combined views Recently I've been wanting to start public pranking but I Cant do it by myself! I thinking a collab would be great! just a few things before replying... I don't want to meet a 40 y/o so I only want to collab with someone over 11 and under 15...
  3. Eddie Henderson

    Comedy Looking to do a collab with Pranksters!

    I am looking to collab with someone that has preferably between 100 and 1k subs to do public pranks with. I live in the U.S. I will give details if anyone is interested. If you dont want to collab and just want to watch you can sub to my channel mrskabzz. Have an amazing day!! :)