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  1. Paranoia_Origins

    Vote On Games "YOU" All Would Like to See Me Live Stream/Record/Edit/Upload Onto My YouTube Channel

    This is all the games i currently have to play on my PS4 now with that said i will live stream/upload games to my channel from the most wanted to the least. So I really thank everyone taking part in this poll it will really help me grown an audience for my youtube gaming channel now you can ask...
  2. Matthew Still

    Gaming Ps4 gamers

    I'm looking for some new collabs with some decent people on ps4 !!! All you need is a great sense of humour !!! Id like to check out your channels first thought to see if we are compatible (my channel is FastFire95 or you can use the link below) Oh and one more thing I'm also looking for OG...
  3. MultiDragon129

    WHERE IN THE F*****??? [Bloodborne Gameplay] #34 i get lost... o.o

    Check out some of my bloodborne series...(If you want) In this episode we traverse through the forest maz-I mean...Forbidden woods. Spoiler: We get lost....a lot o.o I AM SO LOST... This is a full playthrough series of Bloodborne featuring...