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  1. I

    Gaming PS4 looking for friends to record with.

    Hey guys! Im a YT and have a little over 100 subs. I post bo3 vids mostly but would also like to start posting GTA 5 (Play on PS4 btw). Im looking for ppl that are pretty funny and are good ppl overall. Im 15 and would like for you to also be in range of my age. Would like to develop strong bond...
  2. E

    Gaming funny moments on ps4 collaberation

    looking for some friends on ps4 t do some skits with on ps4. must be 18 years or older. great sense of humor. add me on ps4: erikgthelegend
  3. vspecialistv

    "KUDA ALL DAY" Black Ops 3 Kuda Multiplayer Gameplay - Ps4

    Today's video is a Black ops 3 multiplayer gameplay of me using the best smg in BO3, the Kuda. Almost all SMGs are great weapons but the Kuda is the best. I was also using the robot specialist, one of my favorite in the the game. Thank you for watching Follow me at: Twitter...