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  1. G

    Gaming Looking for Video Gaming Content ( Videos )

    Hi All, I am new member and still not have revealed on who I am, but hopefully soon! lol, new to the boards :). I am one of the co-founders of Ad Tech & Video Content Distribution company, headquartered in New York. We are in the process of creating our own OTT video content channels in the...
  2. NoSleepTeam22

    How do i get people to see my videos?

    I have recently started posting videos on youtube. And when i watch other people making the same kind of content as i (gaming videos) i know i am able to create gameplay on the same level as most people. But first off all im struggling on the editing side of things. I have noticed how some...
  3. Jayden Garcia


    MY FIRST WIN ON #BLACKOUT WAS INSANE! Check it out and subscribe! :)
  4. E

    Gaming Looking for team mates / collabs for PS4

    Have a group called FiYa that enter PS4 Tournaments for Fortnite and call of Duty (Mainly Fortnite). anyone interested in joining or collabing for fun or just a tournament?
  5. wildvideo4

    Gaming anyone want collab on ps4

    anyone want collab on ps4
  6. wildvideo4

    Gaming collab

    anyone want to collab with me on ps4 plus i play call of duty ww11 Gta5
  7. KrivixHD

    Gaming PC GAMERS HERE for collab

    IF YOU ARE A PC GAMER HIT ME UP ON DISCORD. -im 13 almost 14 looking for kids around 13-16 -I play about anything - I got a channel with 2.6k - looking for people with maybe 500 and up unless you got great comedy and we have good chemistry - I live in EST so hopefully that doesnt effect your...
  8. Hiper115

    Animation Need Animators For An Animation

    Hello, everyone! I need some animators for an animation idea that I have. I've already written a script and storyboard for you to work off. I can do some basic animation, but my project is too big for me to do by myself. Payment depends on the quality of animation. If your interested contact...
  9. ShystyDaBoss

    Gaming PS4/PC Minecraft, COD YouTube Collabs

    Anyone interested in collaborating some gaming videos. I am a really small Youtuber barely starting out. Age Requirements and Region. I am 19 years old so anyone above 16+ preffered, I live in the MidWest area in United States, Illinois so anyone close by for timezone purposes. GAMES- For PS4...
  10. T

    Gaming Looking for Gaming group (ps4 and eventually pc)

    I'm looking for a group of individuals that i can have laughs and experience gaming at its fullest potential, i don't care if your male or female, i don't care about how many subs or views you have. you do however have to be 18+, have the following games- Rocket league, Star wars Battlefront...
  11. O

    Gaming Collab ps4 gta 5

    If any one wants to do a collab with me on playstation 4 gta 5 then email me or send me a friend request on ps my gamer tag is omargazakid 1 word in the friend request say you want to do a collab
  12. soldatcat

    Gaming looking for people to play ps4 with

    Hi, I usually play Overwatch, Black ops 3, the last of us and I just got into tomb raider :) I also play cod aw cod ghosts and GTA v but I lost my copy and should probably find it XD You have to be 13-15 as I am turning 15 soon and would prefer people around my age :P my instagrams Soldatcat DM...
  13. C

    Gaming Gta5 collab

    I am a 17 yr old male and i like in texas.I am looking forward to doing a collab with someone with a ps4. Dont worry about having a good mic because mines not great.whoever wants to collab must have gta 5 because we will be playing online.
  14. 42Blazing

    Gaming Ps4 Gta V Heists Collab

    Looking for some funny youtubers to do heists with and record!! Psn: jake_0227 Skype: titanchaosgaming Youtube: 42Blazing
  15. TTC

    Gaming Looking To Collab! (PS4)

    Hey Guys, I'm looking to collab with anyone that has a channel! ( my link doesn't work so type: TTCpro1 in YT - 402 subs atm) I'm looking to collab with someone on bo3 for a new series, I would love to collab with all! I also have a shoutout series too! IF YOU ARE INTRESTED CONTACT ME...
  16. Justine

    NO MORE AMMO | Resident Evil

    I can't believe I wasted all my ammo....already....oh boy. So I'm FINALLY playing Resident Evil and I'm having a lot of fun!1 It's pretty spooky so you should check it out if you're into good old games!!
  17. Justine

    IT BEGINS |Until Dawn - Part 1

    Hey guys, so I finally have time to play video games and enjoy making videos again, so I thought I might as well celebrate by doing a walkthrough of Until Dawn! We're gonna save everyone...hopefully...idk you'll have to watch and see how I either get everyone killed or keep everyone alive!
  18. RaPiiDHD

    Firewatch Let's Play Part 6

  19. RaPiiDHD


  20. FMS Gamer

    Gaming Collaboration on a GTA V movie on ps4

    Hi i am going to make a GTA V movie using rockstar editor on ps4 the script is done half way and the work is going in good progress i already i have one guy on board nedd two more people you must be al least 16 years old or should be mature enough to follow direction after the movie is done i...