1. kenziecantdraw

    Best ways to promote videos?

    Hey everyone! I just started posting my first videos this week and I'm just wondering about the best ways to promote your videos? How do you guys promote your videos? Thanks in advance for any help :) -McKenzie
  2. Lucy81272892

    Adwords talk......

    Hi everyone, so I wanted to know if any of you were "experts" as far as adwords go.....we've only had our channel for about 6 weeks and have used adwords almost from the question is this.....we've noticed that when we do our ads "In Display" we get more views but lower audience...
  3. SeanFace101

    Hows Can Descritions Be Improved To Rank Videos Higher?

    So iv recently learned that the description for your videos has just as much of a role in helping your video rank high as other things do such as tags, title, etc.. :P So I was wondering in what ways can video descriptions be improved to help get better results?