1. SwiftUnity


  2. SwiftUnity

    Gaming Need ACTIVE Members PC Gaming Collab

  3. George Hudson

    Other New Beginnings - HELP NEEDED!!

    Hi everyone, My name is George and for a while I have been really into poetry and how it brings people together.... Then I came up with this idea for a huge collab! All I need from you is a video in HD of yourself reading a poem. Obviously your channel link will be in the description and will...
  4. M

    Does My Channel Look Professional?

    Dear all, I just downloaded Photoshop again and decided to recreate my channel design and I was wondering if my channel banner/avatar look professional with my thumbnails. Would you be more inclined to sub? Do they complement my thumbnails? Thanks for the help! Sincerely, CELLUS
  5. Gameoverjack

    Services 2 Proffesional Custom Thumbnails for $1(PayPal)

    Hey! I am GameOverJack and I have 4 years of experience in the whole youtube gfx scene! And also I am the official designers for QualityDarren (27k subs) and ElectricShock (15k subs)! And so as the Title says I have this offer where you pay me $1 through PAYPAL and I can make you 2 thumbnails...