problem with analytics

  1. CerenGung

    why my last four videos were never watched while each of my videos got thousands of views

    Hi, first of all, I'm new here, so I m sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place. My youtube channel is new and I have 78 videos, all of them have thousands views, but my last four videos have never been watched, although they are similar to the others and I used popular music and the same...
  2. Kuyoyo


    Hows everyone? doing good of course? Well, I have new Opinion about Problem on Youtube. "BIG GETTING BIGGER" Thats happen now on youtube, BIG YOUTUBER getting BIGGER, but the small dont grow as much as big youtuber does. The content? it is not about the content, Small youtube can also doing...
  3. A and M Treehouse

    Analytics update

    What's up with the analytics not updating their numbers on your videos (at least lately). I have one video, among others, from a few days ago that says 86 views, but when I go to realtime views it says 500 views. We are new at this going on week 2 and it seems they are 2 days behind, which we...