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    "Oh My Goat" w/ Party!

  2. ProfessionalRik

    Overwatch Awesomeness! [ONLY 2 MINUTES]

    I made another compilation video, this time for OVERWATCH! Watch to the end to see what I look like!
  3. ProfessionalRik

    Meet Me! [A Re-Introduction]

    A long, long time ago; in a galaxy far awa-- No, just kidding. I made an introductory video a while back that started off with the phrase "Who I am is not important." Since I've changed my mind and think I AM important now, I decided to try again.
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    Pokemon Dueling and Overwatch_Dogs! Happy Roosters!

    Another day, another bit of daily gaming news I put out there hoping someone will subscribe and come back tomorrow! Have a nice day!
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    [Deep Thinking] PNEUMA

    I started a new series and I'd like to see what you guys think. Of the game! If you think the game is interesting. Comment on the video, please! I'd love to know if you guys think it's worth continuing!