1. mattandmarti

    Newbie: Audio Tips and Advice

    We're absolute newbies and I've been using premier for literally a week, would love a critique of the below. I feel like the overall volume is too low, any standards I should be adhering to or tools within Premier to make sure Im achieving correct levels throughout!?
  2. MadJack

    Adobe Premier Pro CS6 (Custom Settings Help)

    Hello Everyone, So I was wondering if anyone with experience with Premier Pro could help me with setting up a custom preset which I could start to use. I normally record at 60fps and files mp4. which helps a lot in my case. Does anyone have any suggestions what so ever? It would help out a lot...
  3. BeanTubes

    Adobe Premiere Help (Disabling Resample)

    Hello guys, I was wondering if you could help me out with a issue I've been trying to solve. Basically HuskyMudkipz tweeted me giving me some advice on how to stop my Minecraft videos been blurry when I move. Now on Sony Vegas I have to right click on the video and disable resample. BUT I've...