1. Tranxify

    Rumors and Predictions About Ghost Recon Wildlands!

    Hello there! Today I am discussing some of the rumors about Ghost Recon Wildlands! Some of the stuff you should expect from the game. My predictions about the game and what could make the game good or bad. If you enjoyed, make sure to smash that like button and subscribe to see more!
  2. Diego Villarreal

    Review my latest MAGIC video!!

    Hey guys! This is the first time I´ve asked for a review in this forum so I´m really excited about it!! I uploaded a video of a magic trick in which I predict an impossible outcome so if you can go ahead and watch it, I´d really appreciate it!! Let me know what you think about it!! Thanks...
  3. Crazychrain

    Battlefield 5 Predictions

    With Battlefield 5 expected to release in 2016, here are a few of my predictions about the game: