pranks on people

  1. Dismal Bliss

    Children unwrap presents and it's not toys.... it's toilet paper :D

    The big box is obviously the most valuable, right? :D SUBSCRIBE:
  2. Benson

    Meet Up/Gathering Anyone near San Diego area?

    Hey, I just started my YouTube channel like a month ago, and I'm doing pranks, awkward videos, social experiments, and entertainment skits. I do weekly uploads on Tuesdays. I'd like to collab with YouTubers of the same genre to reach more audience. You can check out my channel and let me know...
  3. KillG

    Meet Up/Gathering Any Leicester YouTubers?

    Hi, I'm a 15 year old YouTuber who lives in Leicester. I'm looking for people to collab with. I'm planning to do skits, pranks, challenges and many other epic things. I'm currently at 244 subs. If you wanna collab, hit me up on either: YouTube: ItzKillG Twitter: ItzKillG Skype: killg786 Or even...
  4. dumbotv

    Awkward Crying Situations - Crying In Public Prank

    In this crying in public prank, I'm testing the reactions of people in awkward crying situations. Will they help me? Find out in this awkward crying prank. Enjoy this crying in public social experiment, more pranks will follow!
  5. dumbotv

    Borat Prank Gone Wrong!

    This is my first prank on youtube. How to pick up girls in borat mankini? At the end we had to stop the footage or we got beaten... Thanks for watching!
  6. dumbotv

    Borat Prank Gone Wrong - Dumbo TV

    Borat Prank Gone Wrong: Watch the footgage of this social experiment where I'm (trying) to pick-up girls in Borat Mankini. This 'How to pick up girls prank' is extremely fun to watch and me and my cameraman (OX CHANNEL) risked our lives in the streets of Brussels (almost ending up in a fight)...