prank ideas

  1. Dismal Bliss

    Children unwrap presents and it's not toys.... it's toilet paper :D

    The big box is obviously the most valuable, right? :D SUBSCRIBE:
  2. Dismal Bliss

    Pranking Wife with Fake Cockroaches in the Bed

    My devious son and I put fake cockroaches in mommy's bed, lol...
  3. Frankie95


    Hellp, My name is Faisal, my channel is FrankobizTV. I'm looking to collab with someone who is also as determined as I am on Youtube. I have an idea for a prank in which I believe has never been done before on youtube. I will not be talking about the idea publicly here but I am willing to...
  4. A lot Betta

    Comedy In Hamburg for a week, ready for some pranks

    Hey guys, I will be in Hamburg from the 25th until the 30th of October. I am native German but live in Spain. I have some cool prank ideas, would just need someone to record me, all content would belong to you, don't have my own channel yet. Post a reply if you are interested. Thanks!