1. F

    Camera for POV walking

    I am looking for a camera and microphone to record POV walking. Anyone got a tip? Been looking at gopro and other, but gopro got some sideways stabelizing problems from what I could read. So what would you recommend?
  2. Tre Dabney

    How can I improve? (PARKOUR)

    How can I engage my viewers more? Any type of criticism helps!!!
  3. And_Roo

    Usually vlogging w/ inserts of motorcycles but...

    So my whole channel base is vlogging, whether it's just looking like a jackass and talking or working on my bike and having some vlogging/informational tidbits thrown in. I'm trying to do more variety to have a little bit different of a channel so it's just strictly not vlogging. So what I'm...
  4. SonicR360

    Brand New Hero 4 Session Review - Should You Buy it?

    Hi all Latest Hero 4 Session review, more up todate to reflect GoPro's position. Enjoy Simon
  5. Average Bars

    Separating Ourselves Into Groups: Tribalism

    A rant about tribalism and the human tendency to not listen to the other side because of their labels and the groups they identify with: a problem I feel like is growing very quickly on YouTube and social media, as well as the world. Make sure you look at things from other perspectives.