pokemon battling

  1. ChiVulpix

    Gaming Looking for a collab

    Hi! I'm a small gaming youtuber mostly focused on pokemon content and i'm looking for a collab. Maybe a duo nuzlocke, pokemon showdown battle or a pvp or raid in any game. I play pokemon (all of them), vampires fall:origins,perfect world and monster carnival (i could possibly start playing...
  2. EmperorSigma

    Gaming Calling All PokeTubers!

    Yo, my name is EmperorSigma or just Sigma for short! I'm an upcoming PokeTuber hoping to make quality content for the views. However, I feel that while it is possible to make it in the YouTube industry alone, wouldn't it be a bit easier if we all gathered together? Currently, I'm looking for...
  3. Absol4Prez

    I Reached 100 Subs!!

    I am really hyped for reaching 100 subs on my channel, I am mainly a pokemon gaming channel. I also do reaction videos, such as hip-hop news, and interesting videos I find on the internet or whatever someone sends me. [Edited By Staff] Thanks for reading my thread, have a nice day!
  4. Harpuia

    Trick or Treat? Details on the Pokemon Spooky Cup!

    The Pokemon Spooky Cup has been announced! Details inside!