1. J

    Commentary Need a Co-Host/Partner for Podcast?

    Hey there! My name is Justin and if you need a co-host/partner for your podcast look no further! I have made some podcasts before and know how it works! You dont need to worry about awkward silences or any of that stuff! If you would like to have me as a co-host/partner add me on discord...
  2. ethanharm

    Commentary Looking for podcast partners

    looking for anyone that possibly would like to work on podcasts together. we will talk about anything we think our viewers will find interesting. the main goal for this podcast is to grow our fanbases and make good filler content. you can contact me via email or Instagram, Insta is @ethnharm and...
  3. James Chris

    Short Film Irish filmmakers needed

    Hey guys Basically, I'm planning to record a podcast with a guest (similar to The True Geordie's podcasts) and I'm in need of filmmakers to record the conversation from different angles. We can discuss everything including pay and the finer details privately, so if you could let me know down...