playstation 3

  1. Michael Copeland

    Gaming People to play Black Ops and Other Games

    I just recently bought Call of Duty Black Ops on PlayStation 3 recently and I am looking for people play free for all and zombies and other hame modes. Here are some requirement: - Age: 18+ - Dosent take things seriously (especially in Black Ops) - Have a PlayStation 3. - Have Skype If...
  2. Horizon247

    Gaming Any body still on PS3 collab with me..!!!

    Any body still on PS3... Looking For>>>> Gamers that really like to play and enjoys being recorded or wants to record with me side-by-side. Just come on here and leave a note... SERIOUSLY LEAVE A NOTE :) Game that I play: GTA V Destiny Borderlands 2 NBA 2k15 there lots of game out there that I...