1. SketchingShadows

    Gaming Need Some Minecraft Players for a Team!

    I'm in search of a few new creators to work with on creating mods, modpacks, and Videos With on My Second YT Channel. I own a survival server we play on, and have made a couple of public modpacks. The YT is called COmmandModBox, and I'm accepting Skype names if you are interested. Thanks!
  2. SeanFace101

    Darts - First to 5 in Doubles

    Darts Tournament First to 5 in Doubles Venue: Sean Quinn's house, Glasgow, United Kingdom.
  3. and_the-teddy_bach

    Did YouTube change anything?

    Hi everyone. Quick question. For a few weeks now I've been noticing that the quality of the videos I am watching went down a bit. I know that some content creators use high-end DSLR's, they are experienced in video making and know how to export stuff for YouTube. But for a while now most of...
  4. SeanFace101

    Celtic FC Ronny Deila & Players Have Fun After Winning

    Ronny Deila & Celtic Players Celebrate After Beating The Rangers (Scottish Cup Semi-Final 2015) Ronny Deila and all of the Celtic Players celebrating after winning the Scottish Cup Semi-Final match against The Rangers at Hampden Park, Glasgow, Scotland. Watch Scott Brown give his top to a...
  5. BaconVerse

    Gaming Looking for Gmod Players to Collab + Server Owner

    Hello guys I am a youtuber with around 500 subs and I wanted to really get a group that is willing to do some gmod videos with me! One problem is, is that I'm broke asf and can't really get a server right now. I'm looking just for some guys with a great sense of humor and willing to record...