1. Curiosity Ridge

    YouTube Scroll by playback

    Recently I've noticed "Scroll by playback" on YouTube. This must be a new thing as I didn't see it last week. Does anyone know how YouTube counts a view? If a potential viewer just scrolls by my video and it plays for 5 seconds by they dont click it does it count as a view? I hope not becauze...
  2. AudreyHorne

    Video Freezing and Playback issues?

    Hello, I'm having a serious problem trying to playback two 007 music videos that I uploaded this morning. The video plays and then freezes but the audio continuously plays as the video remains frozen. What could have caused this problem?
  3. NatalieBrownSings

    Where do I put Lower Thirds so they don't get covered?

    Hi Everyone! Hope you all have had a great start to the week. I searched and couldn't find anything on this topic, so thought I would ask here. What is the best 'safe' distance in height to place a lower third or something in the upper area of a 1920p x 1080p video so that the YouTube Control...
  4. O

    YouTube GO (Another APP)

    YouTube is creating another app called "YouTube GO" it's only in India right now as beta and it's to watch videos offline. There is no clear description as to whether you need YouTube Red to download videos using YouTube GO.
  5. 2

    Is it possible to increase the quality of YouTube Video Playback?

    I have a Geforce GTX 780 but do not know how to use the Nvidia Control panel to force YouTube to play the videos better, I know that this is mainly a program that helps improve the quality of videogames but it used to help with YouTube as well. I know that the Dynamic Contrast option was removed...
  6. FraYoshi

    during playback of a video what do u do?

    Obviously I watch at the video but sometime, especially during vlogs, talk shows or tutorials, I personally use to do more things, do You too? about me, I use to do things like watch the channel page if I'm interested at the person so I can decide if subscribing or not navigate on social...