1. Porcupixel

    My Favorite Halloween Game This Year! (It's Free)

    Behind the Shadows: Game tells story of a girl that lost her shadow and went in Mirkwood on her quest. Character travels at randomly locations and collect various items and power-ups that will help him cope with mirkwood's monsters. As weapons he uses a flashlight, and as projectiles - light. In...
  2. Video Game Knight

    Shovel Knight- Tower of Fate

    In this episode I scale the Tower of Fate and battle The Enchantress
  3. Chaz

    OUTLAST 2? (A Hat In Time Part 3)

    What does every platformer need? A scary level of course and as everyone knows I am the hugest baby even if something isn't even remotely close to being scary. Give this video a watch and go and Support A Hat In Time. Thanks!
  4. Cody Daniel

    New platformer - Ember Kaboom

    Someone contacted me and asked if I would like to do a Let's Play series for his new game he made, so I said yes! I'm lucky enough to be one of the first people to play his awesome game! It's very well done!