1. UnboxingSve

    Where I live? Green sustainable city in the middle of the Desert!

    Hello forum community, as my first video post, I want to share with you place where I live at the moment. It is the truly remarkable city from the science and technology perspective that is why I am posting it here. Although it was one of the first videos on my channel (review of 7$ tripod :))...
  2. Bob Wallace

    Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven w/Lyrics - My interpretation in description

    If you ask a million people to give their interpretation of Led Zeppelins' Stairway to Heaven, without collaboration, you will get a million different interpretations. And each and every one of them would be absolutely correct. Where you are spiritually, will determine how you interpret anything...
  3. Sonalib

    Brooklyn Botanic Garden is AMAZING

    I loveeeee being surrounded by flowers and plants, but i have a cat and most plants are poisonous for him. So any chance I get to be around plant beauty I take. This vlog is one of those times, I wanted you to enjoy the beauty with me. So check it ouuut and have a good time too.
  4. Mr Danny

    Interviewing Randy The Plant

    Have you ever wondered what plants think? Then click on this video! (Not that you'll get an answer, I would just like it if you clicked. And subscribe, since you're at it. Am I being too needy?)