photography tips

  1. S

    My New Photography Vlog Channel !!

    Hello guys, my name is Srinadh and I started a new channel where I make stories with photos I’m taking in my daily life! Check it out
  2. kevinjonescreates

    Photography Tips: 3 EPIC Chicago Locations Plus a Bonus Spot!

    Anyone here from Chicago or plan on visiting??!
  3. Scott Bowes

    How to take long exposure shots with a Smart Phone

    Hey every I recently made this video on how to take long exposure shots with a smart phone, I used a Samsung Galaxy S7 but as far as I know you can use other smart phones... Please let me know what you think, looking for feedback on how to improve my videos
  4. Hendrik Kapp

    Other Looking for someone to collab with!

    Hello everyone! I am looking for someone to collaborate with. I run a photography channel where I talk about how you can start your own photography or videography career. I need someone who can help me point out some valid tips on 10 things every amateur photographer needs to know before...