1. Z

    Other Oshawa - Toronto photographer wants to collab..

    Hello there... I am fairly new to youtube but picking up organic subscribers. I am looking for collaborations if anybody is interested... I am photographer based in Oshawa but can do any Durham Region or Toronto area... Thank you Zdenka
  2. Megan Griggs

    Vlog Members and Photographer needed for Teen Group Channel

    Hey so im 16 and i live in Inglewood. I want to create a youtube group of mainly teenagers. The idea is to post content that consists of pranks, vlogs, skits, reactions, etc. Requirements : - At least 100 subs - 13 - 17 years old - Uploaded at least 5 videos Also if you are a photographer and...
  3. C


    Is there anyone that is savvy with a camera/computer, that would be interested in a partnership? I have no problem getting in front of a camera to do anything at all, just what I lack is the ability to make an all around great video due to my editing skills. If someone would be interested in...
  4. A

    Channel Banner

    Is anyone nice enough to make me a channel banner my YouTube name is called Tekkaz
  5. D

    Vlog Looking For BROADWAY Fans & PHOTOGRAPHERS

    Hey! I'm Danni. I just started up my YouTube a month ago and am looking for other YouTubers to connect with. My channel focuses mostly on photography tutorials, but I also vlog about makeup, costumes, etc. I'm a Broadway fan, and am hoping to find others who are into Broadway or photography!