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  1. The Happy Gamer

    PHILIP DEFRANCO | Responding to Comments #2

    I can't stop moving my hands! Thank you for all your wonderful comments!
  2. Jack Decker

    To Drama or Not To Drama. That is the question ... and stomach ache.

    Maybe I'm an idiot. Maybe I just don't want to succeed as a YouTuber. Maybe I ride too high of a horse. BUT... I have NO desire to do YouTube drama on my channel. What I mean by "YouTube drama" is purposely stirring up drama with another YouTuber or jumping on a current YouTube drama...
  3. BernieTheTree

    Philip DeFranco @PhillyD & #YouTubeIsOverParty Explained

    Supporting Philip DeFranco @PhillyD & #YouTubeIsOverParty Explained.Philip defranco vs youtube? PhillyD aka SXEPHIL has voiced his opinion on the demonetization of youtube videos. YouTube has been marking videos as not advertiser-friendly and it seems to be a blanket ban with no real solid set...