phantom 4

  1. ShawnMcCallum

    DJI Drone Reel | 5 Years In The Making | 4K

  2. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Fitness Vlog feat. Phantom 4 >:D

  3. ShawnMcCallum

    Flying Over a glacier Lagoon and it's seals in Iceland

    This the final video in my Iceland Vlog Series. I hope you guys can check it out and enjoy! Feedback is always appreciated. Thanks! Shawn
  4. ShawnMcCallum

    Long Beach Ontario - A Phantom 4 and Gopro Story

    Hey Guys and Gals, I hope you like the video. If you did, please subscribe! I make new videos every week. Thanks!
  5. kegstandkyle

    Other Have a drone? Want to get noticed? Lets Collab!

    New channel dedicated to promoting new drone youtube channels, great way to get noticed!! By collaborating you can get great exposure!!! Search Dronelife4ever on YouTube or search Kegstandkyle (my youtube page 4k + subs for details)