pet peeves

  1. J

    Vlog Black Parents Who Stare!! | Things That stress Me Out!! | Pet Peeves laugh with me

    hey guys im new here!! check out my video like comment and subscribe. I can do the same!
  2. adams eats

    Your youtube pet peeves 2017 edition!

    As one of the mods suggested, I thought I'd start a new pet peeve thread as the other one is locked, old and probably has inactive users. So here we go What is your pet peeve about the glorious platform that is yoochoob! Mine are: 1.Check out my channel comments 2.Not being able to private...
  3. MistyEmma

    Things I Really Hate!

  4. MistyEmma

    What REALLY Annoys You? Pet Peeves!

    Comment your pet peeves as well! :):p
  5. MistyEmma

    Things that really annoy me + 150 subscribers!

    Thank you for 150 subscribers on YouTube! I wasn't sure if I'd get this far, but hopefully this is just the beginning ^^. My next short term goal is 250 subscribers. A long term one...I'd like to reach 1000 subscribers at one point :p