1. Michael Masters

    Perfectionism, you Sneaky Snake!

    So, I'm slaving away at putting yet another "final edit" on my latest video, and I get an email titled: Your Idea of “Perfect” Is Killing Your Business Dreams. You were so right, sir, and it busted me out of my funk (at least temporarily, lol) After I read that golden nugget, I flicked myself...
  2. Dave2017

    This video will make your life better:)

    Are you trying to hard to be perfect? Don´t waste your time but watch this short animation video instead
  3. Pierre Maynard

    Ed Sheeran - Perfect (Cover)

    SO FINALLY FINALLY! Any of you a fan of Ed Sheeran, check out my new Cover song i did on his new Album Divide - song Perfect I want each and everyone one of you to share with everyone joking ;) But seriously if you like what you see then share and also subscribe to my new channel Pierre...
  4. Rahi Official

    Live Session- Part 2

    2nd part of our live recording session.