pc collaborate

  1. Anjim

    Gaming Calling All PS4/PC Gamers

    This is Anjim Plays and I am looking for PS4/PC Gamers to collab with I play various game such as RPG, Anime, MMO, shooters and etc. If you have your PSN and Skype will add you. Let's us grow together and build an unique friendship.
  2. Matthew Briggs

    Gaming Joint Game-Play with PC (Total War, M&B) I have 288 Subs

    Hello, I would like to collaborate with some good YouTuber's, and make some high quality content. A few things for you to get to know me: I will am about to study at Uni so I have a load of time on my hands to do some good YouTubing. I try and get my videos up when I can, sometime every day...