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  1. ParanoiaOrigins

    Gaming YouTuber Looking To Start a Group (Mostly on PlayStation 4!)

    Whats up Yall, I go by Paranoia Origins! I am a PS4 youtuber, mostly due to the fact ps4 is the only system that has a video editing software called "SHAREFactory" so pretty much stuck with it. At the moment I'm currently sitting at 33 subs looking for other YouTuber with a PS4, I had been...
  2. Jonatan Moser

    800 subs!

    Holy Moley! Just checked my sub count, and I'm at 811 now! Slooooowly growing, but at least my growth is relatively steady at the moment. I love doing what I do, so pleeeaase keep em' coming! Hopefully I'll be able to up my video quality even further soon, since I just started a Patreon page...