1. Jevan Simmons


    Watch me as I work the kitchen and put together this delectable Spinach Ricotta Ravioli with Chicken Sausage and Tomatoes. HelloFresh: Get $40 off your first box when you subscribe and on your first purchase use Promo Code: THUSIM
  2. antonblack

    How To Cook Pasta Like An Italian.

    Oh, so you want to make pasta, do you? Oh, so you think it is just about boiling some water? If you want to cook pasta like an Italian, there are rules, dear Lord, there. are. rules. It seems simple enough: water, salt, oil, pasta. TRICK! That was a trick! There is no oil. Want to...
  3. Conso1727

    Cooking with Conso: Pasta del Fuorisede

    Cooking on a Video Games channel? We have to get our forces to play games well somewhere! This is the pilot episode of a few cooking videos I could make in the future, it all depends if people will enjoy it or not.