1. K


    I chose the map, it's my fault... Leave a LIKE for more PARKOUR! :D ► CHECK OUT KIRBALT PLAYS! ► PREVIOUS VIDEO! ► SUBSCRIBE! ► SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter - Google+ -...
  2. Swecam

    Please review my video

    I'm going to ask you guys for a favor, and I hope you can learn something to. Could you review my video? And if you guys have any question I will make sure too answer them.
  3. Tre Dabney

    How can I improve? (PARKOUR)

    How can I engage my viewers more? Any type of criticism helps!!!
  4. Winger94

    Your head will spin all around with SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell!

    For being an indie game still in demo SEUM really got my attention because it's really good! Basically it's a speedrunning game set in hell and we need to complete every level and venturing always deeper, in those hellish layers! Shoot fireballs, teleport, control gravity and much more...
  5. And_Roo

    Usually vlogging w/ inserts of motorcycles but...

    So my whole channel base is vlogging, whether it's just looking like a jackass and talking or working on my bike and having some vlogging/informational tidbits thrown in. I'm trying to do more variety to have a little bit different of a channel so it's just strictly not vlogging. So what I'm...
  6. Flow Error

    200+ subscribers

    Just reached 200+ subscribers. Hope to hit 500 subs by the end of the year.