1. Grizzly Guernsey Gamer

    UNDERTALE | Grizzly Gauntlet

    Undertale was a massive hit in 2015 and even today it's still leaving impressions on a lot of people. I stayed away from the title for a while to try and outlast the hype and fervour that comes with it so I could approach the game in an spoilt, grounded way. So after trying the game out and...
  2. Sir_Reyz

    BRRR.... IT'S COLD! (Get it... Snowdin?) | Undertale #5

    Hello all of you wonderful Game Travelers! My name is Sir_Reyz. I would like to personally thank you for clicking on my thread! :D In episode 5 of Undertale, I venture through more of Papyrus's Horrible Puzzles and finds myself in Snowdin, where I meets all of the townspeople. Exciting stuff...