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  1. Pichu

    PLAY OF THE GAME - Soldier 76 | Overwatch

    Feedback is appreciated
  2. TekBrosTVV

    Gaming Who is playing overwatch ?

    Hey guys. We are making some overwatch montages and also we are tagging people in description so if someone here playing overwatch can send us some videos we will make a montage and tag him in description :D
  3. OrcBit

    Gaming Overwatch Collab videos

    Hello guys This is my first post on this forum and I have never really used forums like these before so I'm really excited to see how this goes. Overwatch is releasing in a couple of days and I'm gonna be playing it (a alot!) Anyone here up for doing some collab videos or just play together...
  4. Onister Gaming

    Top 5 Underrated Channels #1! (Shout outs)

    Plz go help out these channels differently #3 he really deserves more
  5. N

    Video Studders Whenever I record Gameplay

    I was recording some overwatch gameplay and I noticed that when I look over the video its studdering/ lagging In-game I'm not lagging at all I'm usually at 70 frames or higher. I recorded with shadowplay at 60 fps in 1080p 25 bitrate. Is it a cpu thing? I'm using an amd fx 6300. I don't know the...