outro making

  1. Gavinodea

    Request Looking for an outro maker

    hey my name is gavin I am a small youtuber looking for a simplicity but yet astecly pleasing outro if you would like to help this is a paid job email me at DidYouSeeThatPlay@gmail.com thankyou
  2. BilliamGeorge

    Request Intro/Outro Video! (Willing to pay via PayPal)

    I'm looking for someone to help make an intro/out to video! I'm willing to give them a little money for their time! Preferably they could show me and talk to me through it over Skype or something!
  3. Court

    Services Commissioning Cheap Outros!!

    I'm just a beginning commissioner, but I have experience with graphics for three years at least (Self taught) Each Outro will cost $5 each. (Once I get the money I'll start the commission. ) You can email me at courtney.briseno45@gmail.com So we can discuss what you would like in your Ourtro...
  4. Carlyle Dodd Animations

    Services Original Intro/Outro animations cheap

    I make original intro and outro animations for about $3-$5 (USD/per hour). I am not by any means a professional but, I can give your channel it's own personal flair. All the animations I make are completely original which means I don't just use a free template online and you will never need to...
  5. MattFPS

    Request Graphics/Logo/Intro/Outro (Basically Everything)

    Hey Guys!!! As I am starting YouTube I need a unique intro/outro/logo/banner etc and I am a awful graphics designing and need someone to do it for me!! If you are able to send me a sample/taster I would greatly appreciate it!! thanks to anyone that replies and especially to people who hopefully...
  6. H

    Services HexVoltz And What I Do:

    Hey guys, I'm HexVoltz. I'm a graphic designer and video editor. Can animate, but will take longer to do than graphics (does not include outros). Well, if you need any work done, Skype me at HexVoltz. Ill do it for free as long as you give me a shout out Thanks Guys, HexVoltz