outro card

  1. SmokeySpace

    Services Free and Professional YouTube Thumbnails, Outro Cards, and Overlays

    I'm just perfecting my work, making thumbnails, outro cards, and overlays completely free and very professional, tell me what you want, how you want it, and I will do it, I am also willing to get creative. I will get them to you withing a couple days during the week, hopefully within 24 hours...
  2. Dauglybutcool21

    Request Looking for an Outro for my Channel

    Hi, I am looking for a person who is willing to make a outro for my channel. It can be 2d or 3d. I need an type of outro that no one else can steal. I also need a background music for the outro and it has to not have any copyright in it. If it does, tell me the song and the person who made it...
  3. N

    Services Free Outro Card (Custom)

    I was bored so I created a free outro for anyone. If you don't have photoshop I could customize it to your liking. Don't have a channel so I don't need anything in return. If you can't reach me here then you can email me at nickvboy@gmail.com I've included a basic 1080p template
  4. GaysProductions

    Services FREE Graphics&Animations+

    Free graphics & animations (I haven't been doing this for long and certainly not the best but if you're looking for logos, banners and animations for free then shoot a email) -logos -Icons (All social media options) -Banners (All social media options) -Intro card -Outro card -Intro animation...
  5. Sambo Gaming

    Request Outro Needed

    Hey all. I need an outro template done for me. If anybody can provide me with a free one or show me where to go to get free ones that would be great! Thank You in Advanced!
  6. javacentral

    New End Card (Outro)?

    So I've been thinking, I could really use a new outro. My current one is like a chalkboard on a dark wood background with my video link on the top left with Subscribe! written underneath and my social media sites on the right. The text is kinda chalk looking too. I'm thinking of keeping the same...