1. Brittneytaylorwg

    Other Collab with me?? (Not meetup)

    I was wondering if anyone would like to collab with me through a lifestyle ish type video...Where we just sort of make a similar themed video and do a small shout out. I know I am very small compared to even small channels as I have 14 subs... I know haha but if you would like to check out my...
  2. ColletteisaBear

    Fashion/Style/Beauty Youtubers

    Is anyone out there that has these interests in the YouTube world? A lot of these threads are about gaming or prank channels. I wanted to see if anyone was around and wanted to bounce ideas and suggestions off each other! Although I’m sure this thread is going to be closed like every other one...
  3. ColletteisaBear

    Hi guys! New beauty/style YouTuber here!

    Hi! My name is Collette and I'm just sort of browsing around the interwebz for some friends with similar tastes and interests. It'd be super awesome to have a YouTuber as a friend! What do you guys think? Anyone interested in getting to know each other?
  4. Katy Villiers

    Beauty/Makeup Lets Collab, Foreal this time! (Im new to youtube..)

    Im looking to do my first video on youtube very soon and want to regularly start doing collabs. idk if i can do group messages on here, but iwill discuss to everyone when the times and dates will be and what topic we can do. Hopefully we can do group collabs! Itll be fun. Beauty, Outfits, Hacks...