1. PhysicsFreak101

    Can I have some feedback on some video ideas?

    I have a couple of video ideas that I would like some feedback on, and if anyone spots any idea that might cause problems for my channel it would be greatly appreciated that you respond with any issues or recommendations you have! Here are my ideas : 1) My own Anime Opening: I was thinking that...
  2. MilkingBanana

    What other games can I play?

    So recently, I have been playing some internet games and record it for my channel. It was actually pretty fun but now I actually want to play a legit downloaded game. Now as a Minecrafter, a Stardew Farmer and an Osu! player, I generally don't have any other games to play other than those...
  3. sauzzy

    Gaming Overwatch, Rust, Rocket League, osu!, and much more xD

    I'm a brand new channel looking to post at least 2 or 3 times a week somethin and am looking for some people who preferably have discord to chill wilth and make videos with me :) if you are interested in making videos not wining because I'm bad than hit me up :D