open beta

  1. Rolz

    Ghost Recon Wildlands BETA Gameplay + First Impressions! PC ULTRA Settings - GTX 1080

    Hey guys, so a couple of days ago I looked at the Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta, it did seem impressive however there are a number of issues that need to be addressed! I still say this is a great game and has the potential to be even greater, it just needs some tuning here and there from the dev's...
  2. Branden Morales


  3. Maxemole

    Gears Of War 4 Open Beta Gameplay!

    Enjoy my a** getting handed to me!
  4. Gibboplays

    The DOOM open beta is out!!! (TDM Live commentary)

    Wussup guys! If you are as old as me and were in to video games when you were younger there is a 95% chance that you have played DOOM at some point in your childhood.. if not then how dare you. Now the game is back in 2016 and in its open beta test phase! This is just a live commentary on the...
  5. TheKirkyLife

    I Check Out The Division Open Beta!

    Time for something a little different now as I delve into the dark world of The Division. Join me as I explore the first 30 minutes of gameplay from the Open Beta!