1. C

    10,000 Calorie Challenge Collaboration

    Hi! I am fairly new to YouTube with only two video so far which are more educational and introductory than anything. I want to do the 10,000 calorie challenge to add a bit of entertainment value to the channel, but I thought that the video might be more entertaining to do it with someone who...
  2. Dismal Bliss

    Touring Casa Loma in Toronto Canada

  3. Dismal Bliss

    Tasty candy that's not available in the USA

    Crystal and Akemi head back to Ohio with some unique Canadian delicacies. Why don't we have them here in the USA???
  4. Dismal Bliss

    Toronto - Ripley's Aquarium & The Top of the CN Tower Skyscraper

    Join the BDRC at www.BDRC.tv
  5. Dismal Bliss

    Facing a Fear of Heights - 1500 feet up with only ONE WAY down :O

    SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/Sub2Robert
  6. Dismal Bliss

    Grizzly Bear Plays Ball and it's SO CUTE!

    SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/Sub2Robert
  7. Dismal Bliss

    Toronto Riverdale Farms & Royal Ontario Museum

    The adventure begins! I wish I was there with them :-) SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/Sub2Robert
  8. Dismal Bliss

    Exploring Toronto

    The adventure begins! I wish I was there with them :-) SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/Sub2Robert
  9. Vasokan

    Vlog Toronto Vlogger loooking for Collab

    Hi Guys, I'm in Toronto and I would love to Collab with some people. I have about 500 subs and slowly growing, let me know if your interested. Unfortunately for now it would only be with folks from Toronto
  10. Maiku Wong

    Just completed a huge travel collab in Ontario, need feedback.

    Hey guys! I've just wrapped a huge series about Traveling in Ontario Canada. I'm struggling with views, and I don't understand what I am doing wrong. bit.ly/29VaKKH Any feedback? Thanks, Maiku
  11. Maiku Wong

    Vlog Collobration event in Toronto

    Hey! Are you interested in making great content for your channel? Helicopter Rides, EdgeWalk, Hot Air Ballons, Gliders, Sky Diving, etc etc. Well i'm planning a collaboration event in Toronto and if you can get down here, I am inviting you! Let me know! Oh yeah, It's all sponsored by the...
  12. Babison


    Hi I am a upcoming Prankster looking to also move into gaming and vlogs in the future I have alot of very unique prank ideas that other YouTubers have not done I take YouTube very serious I have multiple editing software such as; Photoshop CS6 or CC Adobe After Effects latest version (CS6) Sony...