oh my god

  1. George Hudson


    So I have just had a weekend away..... this is what happened!
  2. Hazzador

    Shoutout Sunday and Spammers outside the gaming community

    I have a gaming channel and get to see a lot of spammers in the community. Things like shoutout sundays are also all over the place and its just just annoying. I was just wondering if people who have other sorts of channels have people like this in their comment section and stuff, outside of the...
  3. Emily Richardson


    Soooo....I mean, the title kind of gives it away, but I'm gonna say it anyways: I HIT 1000 VIEWS LAST NIGHT!!!!! I am so incredibly excited and humbled by this, I honestly can't believe I hit my goal. I want to thank all of the awesome YTTalk-ers who took the time to check out my channel...