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  2. OldManTenno

    Nvidia GeForce 1070 Ti Giveaway

  3. Rolz

    Red Wings! Another Setups Exposed video!

    What's good guys! Finally another Setups Exposed video! I go over my mates PC and he gives us the reasons behind his component choices. This is directed at first time builders/ anyone looking to potentially upgrade their system! Give it a look if it tickles your fancy:pompus: & if you like...
  4. Hashtag10


    Cheers guys. Here are my PC Specs: 8GB of RAM. Intel Core i5-25000K nVidia GT 440 Now, my question is: Will an Elgato capture card work on my PC? Thanks.
  5. SkylentGames

    Nvidia Shadowplay Mic Quality is Trash Friends; Evidence.

    For those similar to me who are doing gaming videos, I just want to suggest you record your audio and video separately or use OBS with a high bit rate. Shadowplay is a great tool for recording footage and game audio, but not your voice at all. It is not professional level and only barely...
  6. 2

    Is it possible to increase the quality of YouTube Video Playback?

    I have a Geforce GTX 780 but do not know how to use the Nvidia Control panel to force YouTube to play the videos better, I know that this is mainly a program that helps improve the quality of videogames but it used to help with YouTube as well. I know that the Dynamic Contrast option was removed...
  7. Shehzad

    Nvidia Announces It's New GPU Series!

    Hi guys bringing you a commentary and general news on the latest graphics cards by Nvidia.
  8. Y0lo

    Shadowplay rendered by Sony Vegas, really laggy. Solution?

    Hello, I am recording videos with NVidia Shadowplay. The video card is GTX 750ti 2gb GDDR5 VRAM. The source videos are recorded in 1080p, 50m bitrate. The problem is, when I render these source video clips using Sony Vegas, the output is really choppy and laggy. Does Shadowplay have...