1. NRMRDyt

    Other Anyone Wanna Become YouTube Friends? (Helping Each Other Along The Way To Success)

    Hey, My Name Is Noor I am a Canadian YouTuber Who mostly makes skits, challenges, and diy vids. I have been on YouTube for 4 years now on different channels, and I am ready to dedicate to this one (NRMRD) Anyone wanna be YouTube friends? Along the way to success and fame, we help each other...
  2. NRMRD

    Other [closed] Small Channels Willing To Grow Together?

    Hi, My Name Is Noor, I have 4+ years of experience of YouTube, but i just started a new channel, anyone willing to collab, promote each other (ex. put link to each others channel in description, give shoutouts.) It's a GREAT Non-Cheating way to grow your channel. If You Would like to join me in...